Survivor Aishwarya's bold photoshoot picture goes viral!

Survivor hosted by Action King Arjun is currently the most-watched reality show and fans of this show. Aishwarya Krishnan who became an overnight sensation after the contestant list was released is now the heart throb of many youngsters.

Her bold photoshoot pictures on Instagram are currently the talk of the town. Aishwarya is a health coach and athlete. she guides many Indian celebrities and has over 17k followers on Instagram.

Apart from being a health coach, she is also a fitness enthusiast and a model. She has posted many fitness videos on her Instagram page and her modelling photos looks appealing as well.

In one of the photos, she was seen posing for a topless back photo to encourage women in accepting to embrace themselves. she captioned the picture, “It’s been a year and a half since these were shot and I never had the guts to upload them but today I just wanted to embrace it. I associate these pictures with the act of vulnerability. Why is vulnerability frowned upon? Why is being vulnerable considered a weakness? Have you ever asked yourself?”

She then added, “How tedious is it to bottle up your thoughts and act a certain way to hold them back because you’re afraid to let your guards down ? The ability to accept yourself the way you are and embrace the truest version of you at every moment is a blessing. It’s so important to stay connected with yourself, your deepest of desires, your aspirations and your thoughts. The ability to acknowledge these feelings and being able to manifest them into an expression is your strength. Expression is undoubtedly one of the most liberating feelings in the world.” These photos are currently going viral and fans are also praising her for her bold attempt.

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