Leading south Indian superstar dines at a roadside hotel: Video goes viral!

Allu Arjun is a South Indian Superstar who boasts a huge fan following in the cinema industry. Despite being a popular star down South, the actor has shown his simplicity. A viral video is now doing rounds on the internet that shows the star walking out of a roadside hotel after having his breakfast.

Allu Arjun is currently busy shooting for the first part of his upcoming thriller duology ‘Pushpa’. The team is currently shooting the ‘Pushpa – The Rise’ at Kakinada. In the final schedule, the team is canning some crucial scenes. Apart from high-voltage action scenes, pivotal sequences are being shot.

Amid the busy shooting, a video of the ‘Ala Vaikauntapuramuloo’ actor has set the internet on fire. Bunny and his team had breakfast in a roadside hotel at Gokavaram. The video shows Bunny along with his other members coming out of the hotel. He appreciates the food and greets goodbye to the owner before he gets into his car.

‘Pushpa’ is the maiden pan-Indian project of the southern star. Starring Fahad Faasil and Rashmika Mandanna in lead roles alongside Bunny, this venture is being made on a budget of whopping 250 crores. ‘Pushpa – The Rise’ is slated for Christmas release and the second part will hit the screens next year.


பேன்ட்டை கழட்டி காத்தோட்டமா போஸ் கொடுத்த அமலாபால்.. இவங்களுக்கு ஒரு எண்டே கிடையாதா?

தமிழ் சினிமாவில் ஒரு காலத்தில் கொடிகட்டி பறந்தவர் தான் அமலாபால். வரிசையாக தெய்வத்திருமகள், தலைவா போன்ற வெற்றி படங்களை கொடுத்து வந்தார். அதன்பிறகு இவர் தேர்ந்தெடுத்த கதைகள் அனைத்தும் இவருக்கு வெற்றியை கொடுக்கவில்லை. அதனால் ...