Ilayaraja recalls a fun incident while recording a timeless classic song for Kamal Haasan!

Ilayaraja recalls a fun incident while recording a timeless classic song for Kamal Haasan!

Earlier today, we had reported to you that Ulaga Naayagan Kamal Haasan paid a surprise visit to Isaignani Ilayaraja at the new studio in Kodambakkam, Chennai. Now, Raja’s younger son Yuvan has shared a video of the music legend from the new studio that is doing rounds on social media.

Santhanam and Anagha starrer time travel comedy film ” is the recent blockbuster in Kollywood. The movie which was released on OTT had a musical score by the Young Maestro Yuvan Shankar Raja. The remix song ” from the album has topped the musical charts and became the most trending song in recent times.

This evening, Yuvan has shared a video of Ilayaraja opening up about a fun incident that took place during the recording, marking the mammoth 1 crore views of the remix song on Youtube. ” is a classic song from Kamal Haasan starrer ”, directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. It is one of the evergreen songs composed by Isaignani Ilayaraja in the 90s Tamil Cinema. The lyrics was crafted by late lyricist Vaali.

Though it is a remix, Yuvan, who is referred to as remix king, has retained the original vocals of Malaysia Vasudevan and S Janaki from the original song. Yuvan has left the original essence of the song untouched and just remastered into the current trend. The remix version was loved by the modern youths and became a huge hit now.

In the video posted by Yuvan on his social media, Ilayaraja talks about the fun and interesting story behind the composition of the original song back in the 80s. He says, “Singeetam Srinivasa Rao sir and Kamal sir were waiting in the composing room. We discussed many things and finally decided on a tune. After the tune was finalised, we called Vaali sir to pen the lyrics for it.”

Raja further adds, “Vaali asked me for the tune. I hummed the music orally. Vaali asked how can I write if you just give me a humming. I said that a lyrics for this tune have been written already. He asked who wrote the lyrics already. I said Thiruvalluvar has written it already.” The music legend says that Vaali, Singeetam and Kamal were confused about what he just said.

Then, Isaignani reveals that the lines for the song he mentioned was from the Thirukkural. He opened up that the tune is inspired by the kural ”. He concludes by saying, “Vaali was amazed after he got to know the inspiration for the music. I told him this is the tune and he penned the lyrics ” which sounds similar to that thirukkural.”

The video of Raja sharing the incidents behind the timeless song has set the internet on fire. The post is marching towards 2 lakh views on Instagram alone. Ilayaraja is currently composing music for Vetrimaaran’s ” starring Soori and Vijay Sethupathi while ” and ” are getting ready for release.

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