GV Prakash thanks his director Seenu Ramasamy for the opportunity in 'Idimuzhakkam'! – Major Update

It is well known by now that GV Prakash is teaming up with the National award-winning director Seenu Ramasamy for a rural flick titled ‘Idimuzhakkam’. Bankrolled by Kalaimagan Mubarak of Skyman Films, the talented actress Gayathrie Shankar plays the romantic interest of GVP in this film.

The film started rolling last month. MyThirai had already updated you that the filming of ‘Idimuzhakkam’ is progressing at a brisk phase in Kodaikkanal. The latest news is that the entire shooting of the movie has been wrapped up yesterday. Amid the pandemic, the team had completed the film in 50 days.

GV Prakash took to his Twitter to share that he feels like a little boy who returns to school after a festival. He expressed his excitement on shooting the film and returning to Chennai. GVP also thanked Seenu for the beautiful days in ‘Idimuzhakkam’ filming.

In reply to GVP’s tweet, Seenu Ramasamy appreciated the musician turned actor for his Tamil understanding, simplicity and knowledge and the qualities that he liked in him. NR Raghunathan is composing music for Idi Muzhakkam. Kavi Perarasu Vairamuthu pens lyrics in this film after a long gap.

GVP will play a meat shop owner at a rural place and will be sporting three different looks in Idi Muzhakkam. Gayathrie is playing a nurse who will also be seen in three looks: a schoolgirl, a working woman and a mother. Actors Aruldoss and Soundar are part of the star cast of the film, they were seen in almost all movies of Seenu Ramasamy.

வேற லெவலில் ஆச்சரியப்படுத்திய ஆண்டவர்.. மேடையில் புகழ்ந்து தள்ளிய லோகேஷ் கனகராஜ்

இயக்குனர் லோகேஷ் கனகராஜ் தற்போது கமல்ஹாசன் நடித்த விக்ரம் திரைப்படத்தை இயக்கி முடித்துள்ளார். வரும் ஜூன் மூன்றாம் தேதி உலக அளவில் வெளியாக இருக்கும் இந்த திரைப்படத்தை காண ரசிகர்கள் மற்றும் திரை பிரபலங்கள் ...