Exclusive! A famous music director on board for Vadivelu's Naai Sekar

Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu is finally back to acting after a long gap and fans cant witness him on big screens. It was earlier reported that he will resume his long-delayed project Naai Sekar directed by Suraj.

The latest update about this film is the production house has finalised music director Santhosh Narayanan to score music for this comeback film of Vadivelu. Vadivelu is also expected to sing a song in this film has come as a double treat for his fans.

In the latest interaction with the media, Santhosh Narayanan said that he is a big fan of Vadivelu and it’s a dream to work with the legendary comedian. Santhosh also said that Vaidvelu is an extraordinary folk singer and he will definitely make him sing in the film.

He also spilt a bean that Nalan Kumarasamyis in talks with Lyca production to make a movie with Vadivelu as the lead. It is also notable that Nalan had plans of casting Vadivelu in the film Soodhu Kavvum who was later replaced by Vijay Sethupathi.

கமலுடன் இணையும் ரஜினிகாந்த்.. உச்சகட்ட எதிர்பார்ப்பை கிளப்பிய விக்ரம்

கமல்ஹாசன் மற்றும் ரஜினி இருவரும் ஆரம்ப காலத்தில் இருந்தே நெருங்கிய நண்பர்களாக பழகி வருகிறார்கள். அந்த வகையில் இவர்கள் இருவரும் இதுவரை ஒருவரை ஒருவர் தாக்கி பேசியதே கிடையாது. அதேபோன்று இவர்களுடைய ரசிகர்களுக்கும் எந்த ...