Check the YouTube earnings of celebrities like VJ Priyanka and Manimegalai

YouTube in the past five years or so has become an integral part of everyone’s life. It is being used by millions and millions of users and those who create proper content find instant stardom.

Not only film and television stars but also politicians are using the video platform in large numbers. Recently Union Finance Minister Nitin Gadkari revealed that he was earning Rs 4 lakh a month on YouTube that came as a big surprise. It is noteworthy that he has been taking university lessons and uploading videos on his YouTube channel that has a sizeable fan following.

Now the hard fact is that our own Kollywood TV stars earn more money through their YouTube channels than Union Finance Minister Nitin Gadkari. In particular, Vijay TV presenter Priyanka is said to be earning around Rs 7 lakh a month through her fun-filled videos such as how to make chapatis?, How to eat? How to grind chutney? Shows etc. It is like whatever she takes a fancy becomes content and gets views. Priyanka’s most recent viral video was of being down with diarrhea and her visits to the bathroom and later being admitted to the hospital that received millions of viewers.

Similarly, another VJ Manimegalai has been posting her VLogs visiting different places with her husband Hussein and has earned followers in the millions. She is also being paid a handsome remuneration by YouTube that exceeds Gadkari’s.

YouTube has also become a boon to small filmmakers who post their films on their channels and are getting good views and their earnings are better than what they would get by theatrical releases.