'Bigg Boss' fame actress reveals that her ex-boyfriend attempted an acid attack on her!

‘Bigg Boss’ fame actress reveals that her ex-boyfriend attempted an acid attack on her!

Akshara Singh is a Bhojpuri actress who was recently seen in the Bigg Boss OTT show. Recently, she opened up about her troubled relationship and the aftermath of the split. In an interview, she stated that following the break-up, she got threats on her life and career. It came to a point when her ex-boyfriend had hired a group of boys and she was chased with acid in their hands.

“I was getting so many threats that he would kill me or destroy my career but after my father’s conversation with me I gained so much strength that I stopped caring about anything. I did not even fear for my life. I had faced so many things by then and the fear of death was over. I felt what you’ll do… you will kill me right? go on kill me! My ex sent few boys with acid bottles in their hand and also tried to destroy my career,” she said.

Akshara added, “I was chased by a few boys with acid bottles in their hand. They were running behind me. People who do drugs on streets, they were sent after me. I just pray to God that no female has to go through what I’ve suffered in my life.” She also shared that she battled depression.

Akshara was recently eliminated from Bigg Boss OTT. Through her stint, she held the attention of the fans for numerous incidents, a few involving Shamita Shetty and Moose Jattana. At the beginning of the season, Akshara told Milind Gaba, Nishant Bhat, Neha Bhasin, Raqesh Bapat and Prateek Sehajpal that she had not liked Moose’s comment on her career.

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