'Bigg Boss' Aarav 's wife Raahei's baby shower function held

Aarav who acted in small roles in ‘O Kadhal Kanmani’ and ‘Saithaan’ became a household name after participating in the first season of ‘Bigg Boss’ hosted by Kamal Haasan. His onscreen romance with actress Oviya became the talking point of the film and he went on to win the title.

It was rumoured that Aarav and Oviya were a couple after they were spotted together after ‘Bigg Boss’ but they denied it and stated that they were only good friends. Aarav then got married to Raahei the heroine of ‘Joshua’ directed by Gautham Menon in 2020.

It has now been revealed that Raahei is pregnant and the baby shower function was held recently. Photos of the same have gone viral and fans are congratulating the celebrity couple on social media.

Aarav is currently acting as the hero in the movie ‘Raja Bheema’ in which Aashima Nerwal is the heroine and Yogi Babu is the comedian while Oviya and Yashika Aannand appear in cameo roles.



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