'Aruvi' team reunites for a new movie – Details

Arun Prabhu Purushothaman a child actor turned film director hit the jackpot with his very first film ‘Aruvi’ which not only won high critical acclaim but also was a big hit at the box office. The film that starred Aditi Balan in the lead was procured by S.R. Prabhu’s Dream Warrior Productions which gave it leverage the reach the masses in 2016.

S.R. Prabhu who is bankrolling more than a dozen new projects has come forward to produce Arun Prabhu’s third movie which will go on floors soon. The rest of the cast and crew details will be known at the time.

Arun Prabhu’s sophomore project ‘Vaazhl’ was produced by his cousin and top actor Sivakarthikeyan and starred T.J. Bhanu and Pradheep Anthony. Though it received praise for its offbeat theme, cinematography and Bhanu’s acting did not do very well on OTT. Expectations however are high for the third film from the talented young filmmaker.


வாரிசு நடிகருடன் தொடர்பில் அனுஷ்கா? விஷயம் அப்பாவுக்கு தெரிஞ்சு போச்சாம்

தென்னிந்திய சினிமாவின் டாப் நடிகையாக வலம் வருபவர் அனுஷ்கா. இவரை அரேபியன் குதிரை என ரசிகர்கள் செல்லமாக அழைத்து வருவார்கள். பார்த்த உடனே பற்றிக்கொள்ளும் தோற்றத்தில் இருக்கும் அனுஷ்காவே யாருக்குத்தான் பிடிக்காது. அப்படிப்பட்டவர் தற்போது ...